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Magellan's Atlantic by Yonac

A bank full of 65 carefully designed presets that delve into Magellan's extensive features. Includes multiple basses, leads, pads and arps that cover a wide range of genres.

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Sunsine Audio: Explorer Bundle

A bundle of the full set of Explorer packs 1, 2 and 3 for a total 192 presets, each with individual Mod Wheel and X/Y pad support.

New Wave Presets: Chiptunes

A glorious symphony of piercing lasers and bursting bombs! Chiptune Pack explodes with 100 different sounds. Arps, square leads, SID inspired basses, great FX, and a full chiptune drum set. Are you ready to play?

New Wave Presets: Mega Pack I

Dive into the bottomless depths of sound! Arpeggiated sequences, deep basses, screaming leads, intriguing pads, FX, and drums. 128 presets to explore the sonically rich waters of Magellan.

New Wave Presets: Mega Pack II

Ready for round two? Fight! 128 presets of sonic punch. More corpulent basses, exotic pads, creepy textures, unique leads, stabs, FX, and tight drums.

New Wave Presets: Mega Pack III

Mechanical machines, propulsion FX, gurgling liquids, gloomy atmospheres, and more. Mega Pack 3 dredges up 128 dark new sounds from deep within the guts of Magellan.