Proudly introducing miniSynth PRO, the first fully-featured synthesizer designed specially for the iPad®

Back in the early days of the App Store in 2008, we introduced the first analog-modeling synth for the iPhone® platform. It has since been featured in countless recordings, and became the most popular synth for the platform. We have now put our synth-making expertise to create something bigger, better and tonier than ever before. Enter miniSynth PRO, the first fully-featured keyboard synthesizer available on the iPad platform.

Designed to make the best that the iPad has to offer, miniSynth PRO occupies a totally new dimension in terms of both power and size. With an innovative, completely brand-new engine, a redesigned filter and a no-nonsense interface, miniSynth PRO invites those rich, shimmeringly clear analog tones to your fingertips.

The Design

To make the best of the both worlds, miniSynth PRO is engineered as a dual FM / Subtractive  polyphonic / monophonic synth. It combines the solid analog tones of its custom-made twin oscillators with the complex timbral potential only available by frequency modulation. Audiophiles will rejoice.

Now Introducing

miniSynth PRO marks the debut of our cutting-edge YASSE synthesis / sequencing platform. Thanks to its innovative wave processing, voice parameterization and sound sculpting algorithms, YASSE lends a bell-like clarity to every sound one can evoke from miniSynth PRO, and makes patch design even more exciting than before.

The Goods

For added tone shaping, miniSynth PRO features a dedicated 5-destination LFO, dual (VCF and VCA) envelopes, our redesigned "Vincent" analog-clone low-pass filter, settable glide and old school stereo reverb. There's ample room for experimentation, and now you can save limitless number of your own presets under the "User" bank.

And More...

Among many other features, miniSynth PRO includes a built-in arpeggiator with multiple trigger and order modes, recording in 44k, 16-bit stereo WAV format, individually adjustable dual keyboards, optional note overlays, a user control matrix for pitch bending and filter modulation,  a metronome, and audio copy / audio paste. To boot, miniSynth PRO comes with 82 excellent factory presets, designed by actual musicians.