A Tuner Built from Experience

In the Summer of 2009, we introduced our amazing new tuner to the app store. Since then, we've updated and improved PitchBot along with the advancements of iOS and iOS devices to keep offering an amazing tuner for a great low price.

Made for Strings... and More

PitchBot isn't just a bot in name: our team is made of AI specialists who just happen to be musicians. For a year, they used lab equipment to measure and classify how a plucked string sounds in the eyes of a mobile device. They wrote their algorithms accordingly. Admittedly, we don't care if you measure a 11025 Hz sine wave from your quantized oscillator: but if the instrument you're tuning has strings on it, PitchBot vows to be the best there is.

Tune to Your Style

PitchBot provides you with the freedom of 4 outputs all on one screen. When you tune, you'll see the Note Strip, Fine Tune Dial, Red/Green LED lights, and the textual readout of the actual frequency and nearest note. Perhaps you prefer tuning with a pitch pipe? We've got you covered. Just turn on the pitch pipe and scroll the Note Strip to your desired note. Also use the lock feature to tune to a specified note.


PitchBot combines a sure-fire interface with the complementing quickness. It is designed to be used in a wide range of settings, whether you're resting it on top of your amp in the rehearsal room, or tuning up an unplugged guitar in your bedroom. Although much of the innovation is under the hood, it also gives you adjustable reference pitch, transposition and needle damping.

And What's the Point?

Available at a fraction of the competition, PitchBot is a tuner dedicated for string players (guitar, mandolin, uke, and everything in the league) that also performs well with all other instruments. Try it and see; despite all our hype, it may become the best bang for your buck, and possibly the only tuner you'll need until a better robot comes along.