Amps & Cabs

'64 DualVerb

The amp that surfs the tallest of waves, the '64 DualVerb is thick in tone, warm in tremolo and rich in reverb -- not unlike the early '60s American amps. Inspired by a series commissioned by the 'Father of Loud' himself, the '64 has all the pre-network mojo as well and benefits from our spring reverb module specially formulated to give you those piercing overtones while the rest of the amp shakes the walls. We were lucky enough to hear the Father of Loud play, and our ears are still ringing. This is our tribute, and one of our favorite amps. Comes with its twin 'Blackpanel 2x12' cab.

'65 Bluesmaker

The granddaddy of those tall British stacks, '65 Bluesmaker was built to amplify the hot blues licks of Steppin' Out and Hideaway. A unique, snarly tone derived from the original KT66s, complemented with the airy feel of the tone circuitry makes this a very touch-sensitive amp. Includes a warm tremolo and dual channels with dedicated gain knobs and also comes with matching 2x12 with virtual 'greenbacks'. Will definitely fit in the trunk of your Triumph.

'67 Anglia

"Just ravin' at Carnaby, guv'nor!" Granny takes a trip with this mother of all loud amps. Lean and mean with a tonestack that growls like a hungry wolf, Anglia equally rains the arrows of desire and reins in the chariots of fire. Adapted to the needs of this platform with two channels, each with its own gain knob, as well as presence and a master volume. Guaranteed to turn your guitar upside-down and put a bandana on your head. Comes with angled 4x12 of the same vintage.

360 Pro

The 360 Pro comes with a larger-than-life 1x18 cabinet. Features include a bright switch, settable input gain to compensate for your instrument's level, specially voiced treble and bass controls, a unique "variamp" EQ with 6 range settings as well as settable amount, a unique fuzz/distortion stage with attack, level and blend controls for finer control.


A highly versatile dual-purpose acoustic amplifier, our new Acoustic Amp features a highly-advanced built in acoustic simulator which you can turn on or off. The simulator gives you a choice of three fundamental acoustic guitar types, which you can further tweak using the Body and Top controls. Among them, these controls can transform your electric into anything from a mellow nylon-string to an in-your-face maple back jumbo. The additional amplification stage provides you with specially designed tone-shaping that you can use in conjunction with the acoustic simulation, or with your actual acoustic guitar. The tone stage is unobtrusive and can also be used to enhance dull sounding acoustics, as well as provide control of harsh overtones, thanks to the special Top Control feature.


When 'big' just wasn't big enough, stadium bands looked for something even bigger: modeling gargantuan output transformers and cut-through-the mix presence of those giants, Albert is a powerful and robust amp suitable for high-energy music. Featuring a dual channel construction with individual gain controls, Albert also includes a master gain and an additional volume knob for maximum versatility. This amp will do cleans, crunch or raunchy distortion all too easily, and comes with a straight 4x12 cab specially voiced for it.

Bass 700 Mk. II

The Bass 700 is a modern go-to amp with plenty of tone sculpting options. It comes packaged with a stand-alone 4x10 cabinet specially voiced for bass, and featuring a very balanced frequency response. A special voicing stage lets you control the presence as well as contour precisely to lay the groundwork for a vast number of playing styles.
The active EQ stage includes cut/boost controls for treble and bass, as well as dedicated controls for low and high mids for ultra-precise tone shaping. A unique feature, the boost knob lets you dial in a warm, analog overdrive that also boosts important harmonics without oversaturating your tone. The Bass 700 also includes an input gain knob to accommodate your pickup output.

Bass 800

The Bass 800 is doubtlessly an industry standard that accommodates almost any genre or player. With high fidelity response and multiple custom voicing stages, it helps you capture the tone in your head with ease and precision. The first voicing stage provides controls for low cut, a high boost, and a special mid contour to obtain a nice mid scoop for certain playing styles. The active EQ module gives you full tonal control, with cut/boost at low, treble, low-mid and high-mid bands. The unique boost feature adds an analog sizzle, letting you emphasize your lines without making things muddy. The additional input gain knob lets you match your pickup output, as well as adjust the overall gain structure of your sound on the fly. The Bass 700 comes with a stand-alone 1x12 cab specifically voiced to complement it.


The Bass-15 features the addition of a handy mid-EQ stage with adjustable cut/boost and 5 frequency bands to choose from. We further spruced up the idea by the addition of ultra low and ultra high switches that emphasize the bottom and top ends, respectively. The gain knob allows you dial in this amp's unique, harmonic rich overdrive, making it a very nice guitar amp as well. The included vintage 1x15 cabinet completes the package to deliver you some of the most sought-after vintage tube tones in a nifty package.

British Boost

The British ruled the sound waves since the early '60s, thanks to this twin-speakered chime vessel. Complete with boost circuitry, distinctive scooped mids, tight & jangly tone, and built-in reverb and trem. Features include both boost and normal channels, individual gain controls for each channel, a full BMT tonestack, as well as analog-modeling tremolo and a uniquely voiced British-style spring reverb. Daytrip from a Night at the Opera to visit the Joshua Tree, and come back for a Cradle Rock, Hank. Vintage-y 2x12 included.


Named after a district in Walton in South East England, Brownswood carries the torch of modern British amplification into this new platform. With a distinctive high-gain preamp stage and clean/dirty channels, Brownswood speaks to the needs of the modern guitarists. Features include dedicated gain controls for each channel, a master gain as well as an additional volume knob, and a custom tuned spring reverb. Includes a specially voiced Brownswood 4x12 cabinet.


Burn features a unique "Big Stack" tone with plenty of headroom and an unmistakable growl with gain control pushed up. When brightened up with an overdrive or treble boost, this amp really starts opening up and, well, burning! Thanks to its bountiful bottom end, it'll never sound thin when pushed into high gain distortion. Comes with a 4x12 cabinet.

Citrus Peel

This is a big, citrus-y Anglophile amp with amazing cleans but also out-of-this world distortion in the 'dirty' channel. Featuring our virtual version of the Bazandall tone circuit famously used in some of the physical versions, Citrus Peel also includes a unique 'Filter' control that gives you additional control over your tone, and allows this amp to cover a lot of bases. Features include dirty/clean channel switching, preamp and master gains, presence and an additional volume control. Comes with its own citrus-colored 4x12 cab.

Clementine 200 Bass

The Clementine 200 is a lean and true all-tube bass amp with plenty of headroom, and when pushed hard, singing valve overdrive. With an output stage based on 6550s, the Clementine 200 features gain and master volume controls that help you shape the harmonic content of the output, as well as a uniquely voiced 3-band EQ. Paired with the included Clementine 1x15 cabinet, Clementine 200 is a surprisingly rich and versatile amp.

Clementine 30

The Clementine 30 is built with creamy all-tube lead tones in mind. Paired with its stand-alone 2x12 cabinet (included for free), the Clementine 30’s pre- and master-gain controls can be used to dial in focused hard ’n heavy tones. The tonestack controlled by bass, middle and treble knobs feature the classic British topology.


Designed with a big nod to the excellence of German engineering, the DeutschLAD packs some of the heaviest cascading distortion along with the most bell-like cleans in a single unit. Features include clean and crunch channels, each with dedicated preamp and master gains as well as individual boost switches for bass, middle and treble. All this is complemented by a modern take on the traditional tonestack, as well as a hot-rodded presence setting and an additional volume control. Comes with DeutschLAD 4x12 cabinet.

Dual Shaman

The Shaman is a big, loud and mean all-tube amp with plenty of headroom and the unique tonal properties of the era American amplifiers. Features include input selection for high/low impedance pickups — with input 1 providing more 'presence' and driving the preamp harder; a bright switch that gently emphasizes upper mids and highs, mid-1960s tone stack with bass, mid and treble controls to give the unique mid sag and high punch, as well as a virtual-tube tremolo with speed and intensity controls. The included 2x15 standalone cabinet helps balance the high end shimmer by emphasizing the low end.


Eighteen Special represents the boutique contingent of our new British Invasion amp offerings. Eighteen Special comes from a highly "open" design principle, with the smallest amount of clutter to keep the sound as purely "tube" as possible. This makes for plenty of thick overdrive, perfect for bluesy solos or fat rhythm. The clean tones, albeit on the darker end of the spectrum, provide a good platform for effect pedals, treble boosters (think "beano tone") and overdrive pedals. Comes with matching 1x12 cabinet.

Axe of Eugene

Breathe, breathe in the tone . A perfect platform for pedals, Axe of Eugene is a unique sounding British amplifier whose sound falls somewhere between the round tones of typical British stacks and the scooped voice of American combos. Paired with Dragon Claw or Bleecker St. Fuzz, Axe of Eugene will bring you close to Gilmourish lead tones. Played alone, it will provide dynamically clean tones that completely differentiate this amp. Comes with matching 4x12 cabinet.


The Ginger is a classic hybrid small-format bass amp designed to complement a wide range of styles. Featuring a virtual-tube preamp paired with a transistor-type power stage, Ginger provides plenty of headroom, as well as warm, tube amplifier distortion that you can dial in via the Gain knob. Unique features include: Turbo switch to focus the lows; Transparency switch to give your tone a 'glassy' characteristic; a special 'aural enhancer' feature that continually varies the tone signature; active 3-band EQ with cut/boost as well as settable mid frequency, and a built-in compressor with settable effect amount. Ginger comes with its standalone 2x10 cabinet.

Jack T'Ripper

Jack T'Ripper provides the chiming cleans and warm overdrive of this perennial studio favorite. The top end can be tamed thanks to the Cut knob, and the inclusion of spring reverb with the additional Tone control gives you even greater versatility for making the reverb signal work with your tone. Comes with a 2x12 standalone cabinet.

Jazz 420

Jazz 420 is a unique amp design that delivers exceptional cleans as well as a famously good chorus/vibrato effect. Featured in many classic 80s & 90s recordings ranging from New Wave to Heavy Metal, Jazz 420 features a uniquely voiced Treble-Mid-Low tonestack, as well as a bright switch to obtain extra high end sparkle. The Distortion knob blends in the unique distortion associated with this amp topology. Jazz 420 also comes with the unmistakable spring reverb, as well as the chorus/vibrato effect with adjustable speed and depth. Included is the specially voiced 2x12 cabinet.

Lester R147a

The R147a is a painstakingly designed rotary cabinet / amp combo with all its due vibe and the warble. R147a's virtual-tube, 1940s style amp has plenty of old school tone, and thanks to a dedicated gain knob, crunch to mete out to the rotary speaker stage. The result is a rich, deeply modulated tone that has quantities of chorus, flanging and tremolo effects as well as the unique timbre of a rotary speaker. The rotary speaker section is controlled by Slow/Fast selector and Brake, calibrated to be totally period correct. The controls are enhanced by the addition of a Horn/Drum balance setting, as well as a Mic Spread parameter that allows you to vary between a mono to a fully stereo rotary effect. In addition, you can specify the slow and fast speeds of the speaker via the dedicated knobs. The R147a is suited for use with guitars as well as keyboards.

Lightnin' Bolt

The Lighnin' Bolt is a classic American tube amplifier with harmonics-rich overdrive and pure tube tone. Rumored to have made an appearance in the Stairway to Heaven solo, the amp features virtual-tube tremolo with adjustable speed and depth, high/low input switching that affects gain and treble response, as well as a unique one-knob tone control for a totally vintage sound. Lighnin' Bolt comes complete with a period-correct 2x12.

Modern Gain

This is a monster of an ultra-high gain amp. Our design includes dual 'Clean' and 'Crunch' channels, each with its own controllable dual cascading gain stages. The tonestack is a custom design with Hi-Fi style bass & treble controls, as well a highly versatile mid-range control with settable frequency and boost/cut. The upshot is a highly tweakable amp with thick virtual-tube distortion. Comes with its matched Modern Gain 4x12 cabinet.


NeckWringer is a thick sounding amp with nice, warm tones and plenty of harmonic-rich overdrive. You can sculpt NeckWringer's fat tones further with the Brilliance and Cut controls. Combine it with one of our treble boost units to get the classic tones of 60s and 70s British Rock. Also includes vintage-voiced spring reverb, as well as virtual-tube Tremolo stage with speed and intensity controls. Comes with a 2x12 cabinet modeled after late '50s combos.


OU812 is a virtual-tube driven head that covers a wide variety of styles. Incorporating both rhythm and lead channels, it offers dedicated pre- and post-gain settings for each channel for added versatility. OU812's carefully designed LMH tonestack is accompanied by a Resonance control to focus the lows, as well as a Presence control for maximum tone shaping. In addition, OU812 comes with a bright switch to compensate for darker pickups or to give more sizzle in the upper-mids and highs. OU812 comes with a with a free 4x12 cabinet specially voiced to complement the amp.

Reverb Torpedo

Reverb Torpedo is much like a rocket propelled with reverb-fuel. Drenched in '60s American amp mojo, the Torpedo has a distinctive sonic footprint with well-defined highs and lows, and plenty of rectifier sag. The reverb 'tank' is a specially tuned virtual spring reverb that convincingly channels the real thing, down to the spongy attack of real reverb tanks. Also features analog-modeling tremolo with settable rate and depth, and a bright input switch. Comes with Reverb Torpedo 1x10 cabinet.

Silver Trembler

Started up in the latter part of the '60s, these silver-paneled amps had a distinctive mid-scoop with a tight bottom and a chimey treble. They've become a favorite in the vintage market over the past decade or so. Here we have a 'deluxe' model with built in tremolo and spring reverb, both custom-tuned to replicate the analog trem circuitry and the reverb tanks used in the period. There is also a bright and a normal input, as well as mid control. Comes with its 'Silverpanel 1x10' cab.

Super Bassdude

The Bassdude is an old school all-tube true dual channel amp equally suited for bass and guitar needs. It comes with its period-correct 8x10 stand-alone cab. Features include channel switching: Channel 1 is voiced to provide a more focused low end, and includes a special 'deep' switch to further emphasize the lows. It has a specially voiced tonestack with bass-treble controls as well as a gain setting. Channel 2 is voiced to complement guitar, but also has the midrange emphasis for certain bass styles. It features a bright switch to gently foreground the upper mids and highs, as well as bass, mid and treble controls with a classic 'silverface' tone curve, and also includes its own dedicated gain knob.

Super Gain

Just like the famed California boutique amps, the Super Gain is rich in tube distortion tones, but also has plenty of headroom in the clean channel whenever you need it. Features dual-channel switching ('clean' and 'crunch'), with dedicated pre-amp and master controls for each. In addition, there's a 'bright/normal' switch for selecting between two different input circuitry. Comes with matching 4x12 Super Gain cabinet specially voiced for this head.


Designed in the spirit of treasured pawn shop finds, the SupraPawn is a small '50s - '60s American all-tube head with plenty of old-school crunch. Features include a full bass-mid-treble tonestack, a bright input switch as well as a 'fizz' control to help emulate worn out or damaged tubes that gave the real article its charm. Comes with a 1x8 cabinet modeled after period speakers.

Tall Bass

An iconic amp that people sometimes mistake for a refrigerator, Tall Bass includes the coveted Baxandall tonestack with the clever addition of a tunable mid cut/boost control. If the 24dB bottom boost isn't big enough tonight, Tall Bass includes an additional pair of 'Ultra' bass and treble controls. Features also include bright/normal channel switching with dedicated gain control for each channel, presence and an additional master volume control. Comes with its behemoth 2x15 companion.


Continuing on the British big amp heritage, Tangerine combines the voicing of the 100-watters with the benevolent insanity of a small, studio-friendly amp. The result is plenty of harmonic-rich saturation when pushed hard and a tone that fits lead or up-front rhythm playing like a proverbial glove. Includes dirty/clean channel switching and comes with its really tight 1x12 cab.

The Boar

When a certain band took the stage during California Jam, an amp pretty much like this ended up being set on fire and blown to bits. With bigger transformers -- and hence, bigger headroom -- than its cousins, and a tighter response curve, that amp became a stadium darling. Tough as a wild hog, The Boar expands on the formula with individually voiced dual channels (each with its own gain) as well as a master volume. Comes with a fire-red angled 4x12 specially voiced for this thug.

The Nazz Jr

The Nazz is a highly versatile all-tube amp with plenty of headroom, and plenty of warm overdrive than can be dialed in at the turn of a knob. A favorite of modern country players, the Nazz Jr. features a high/low impedance input switch that lets you match the output of single coils or humbuckers, and a specially voiced tone shaping stage with bass, mid and treble controls. To give you the full spectrum of clean to distorted tones, the Nazz Jr. comes with dual gain controls, one for the preamp and another for the power amp, in addition to an output master volume control. The highly unique "cut" control allows you to vary the sound from warm, vintage tube tones to a supercharged, edgy voicing that can cut through the mix. All of this is complemented by a spring reverb stage, as well as a standalone 1x12 cabinet specially matched to the Nazz Jr.

Tiny Tweed

Tiny in name only, these tweed-era stingers are famous for their hot, raunchy tone and plenty of sag. Some examples include the "Derek" tone, Green Onions, and The Reverend himself. We improved on the design by extending the single tone knob to a full tone stack, and added a bit more sizzle to the bright input. Comes with matching 'Tweed 1x10' cab for more definition.


This small, old-school British inspired amp has a unique, creamy tone when distorted. Our model is based on a single EL84 power tube, but extends the gain range a bit to really drive that and the virtual preamp tubes a bit harder. The tone control is completely transparent when maxed out, giving you the full effect of tube saturation when cranked up. Perfect for lead work or touch-sensitive response, and some of these small amps actually found their way into many Rock hits back in the day. Comes with matching 1x10 cab.

War Pig

War Pig is a mean Hard Rock and Metal machine with plenty of thick, fat overdrive and warm cleans. Favored by guitarists of the early Heavy Metal "Doom 'n' Gloom", War Pig plays especially nicely when set to almost-breakup and paired with a treble booster or overdrive to get those early "Sabbath tones." Comes with its matching 4x12 cabinet modeled after early '70s units.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a raunchy boutique-style amp that has plenty of raw tube crunch and warm tube clean. With a highly sensitive preamp, Wrecking Ball is so full of dynamics that it follows the contours of your playing like a well-fitted, high-money leather glove. Taking its provenance from modern country, the Wrecking Ball is equally suited for the blues, rock and any school of music that calls for honest, basic tube tones done right. Wrecking Ball's jangly tones are complemented with its matching standalone 2x12 cab, included for free. The bass-treble tonestack is enhanced by a unique 'cut' knob that lets you underline the jangle, or tame that mother down to a nice, tweedy vintage vibe. WOW!