About Yonac Inc.

Founded in New York City by a computer science grad student and avid guitarist Jim Yonac, we released our first music making app for the iOS in August 2008, when there were less than two dozen music apps available for the iPhone 3G. Since then, we continue to innovate and drive the Mobile Music Revolution, creating the first synthesizer for the iOS, the first fully featured synth for the iPad, the first gesture-controlled theremin-inspired instrument, the first professional tonewheel organ emulator, as well as many other firsts.

Now located among the tall Loblollies of sunny Durham, North Carolina, we continue our mission to provide the best tones and the best user experience with our cutting edge apps and unending appetite for research, development and excellence. Like our user community, we are also practicing musicians: we use each one of our apps, daily, to make what we love the best -- music. "Don't make anything we won't enjoy using personally" is the our ultimate motto.

For all press inquiries, please contact press@yonac.com.