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KASPAR - Multi-Engine Automorphing Supersynthesizer

One is Never Enough...


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Harness the enormous power of 8 polyphonic synthesizers

Built on our new Multi-Engine Automorphing SuperSynthesis platform, KASPAR is one gigantic machine. A total of 24 oscillators, 8 filters, 8 arps, and many other features grouped into 8 individual polyphonic synth engines; extensive morphing, automorphing, and layering capabilities; a powerful modulation system; poly aftertouch; two FX busses filled with fully stereo Yonac effects -- these are just some of KASPAR's extensive features.

Invoke the Morph

Tired of sticking with a single, unchanging synth sound? Assign synths into different morph groups and touch the morph pad to effortlessly travel among them. Or just draw a figure on the pad, and let KASPAR do the morphing for you. Add some X/Y modulation to make things interesting, or turn on beat syncing to keep it in time. With multiple looping and keyboard algorithms to choose from, all that's left for you is to come up with funny doodles!

Synth Power Tower

Each synth offers three high-quality oscillators, a filter stage with 14 juicy filters to choose from, a highly versatile arp, powerful modulation matrix with 6 assignable targets and interactive source/controller modulation, dual LFOs, modulation envelope, noise generator, chordmaker & more. Of course, whatever each synth has alone, KASPAR as a whole has eight!

Layer Away

User-friendly layering features let you combine the output of eight synths into one giant wall of sound. Bolster a lead patch using a bass undertone, and embellish it with pads or even a few arps. Create punchy stereophonic leads, or effortlessly define keyboard regions and turn your keyboard into a massive sonic playground.


Dual FX busses filled with top-quality stereo FX, including amp/cab simulator, super-tweakable algorithmic reverb, stereo delay, phaser, chorus & more. Whether you're the FX sort of person or not, it's always handy to have some just in case.

Pro Features

KASPAR comes packaged with its free Audio Unit plugin, so you can also enjoy it within your favorite Audio Unit compatible DAW. The standalone version provides you extensive connectivity through Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and Ableton Link. Comprehensive MIDI learning capabilities let you quickly take advantage of your controllers. KASPAR's powerful preset management system makes it a breeze to save and share your awesome creations, as well.