ToneStack PRO: The Ultimate Amps & FX Toolkit

ToneStack PRO: The Ultimate Amps & FX Toolkit

The long awaited amps & effects powerhouse is finally here: meet the all-new ToneStack PRO! Featuring next generation DSP, a load of all-new amps & effects, and seamless AUv3 implementation, the latest of the ToneStacks is the go-to audio processing solution for both guitarists and producers.

ToneStack PRO is faster, more efficient, and more powerful than ever. New digital modeling algorithms make every amp and effect sound bigger and richer than before. Advanced optimization enables stereo processing across the board -- even for amps and cabs! Everything is brand new and envisioned to maximize your workflow, whether you use ToneStack PRO by itself, in a DAW, in your bedroom, or in the studio.

ToneStack Goes AUv3

Insert ToneStack PRO. Record once. Tweak infinitely. Thanks to the power of Audio Units v3, you can concentrate on playing now, and experiment with amps, effects, and settings later. You can run many instances of ToneStack PRO simultaneously. You can use ToneStack PRO's top-notch effects to sweeten synths, drums, or vocals; or use its studio quality dynamics processors, filters, and EQs to mix and master your projects. ToneStack PRO is coded from scratch to harness the power of AUv3, and each piece of gear is re-engineered to work natively at resolutions up to and including 96k, with true internal 64-bit resolution.

Amps for Every Mood

ToneStack PRO has our largest selection of amps and cabs yet. From clean to crunchy, and from dirty to raunchy, the full collection of 70 amps and 68 cabs has something for everyone. Each amp and cab is redesigned for more realistic tone and playing response. New amps and cabs are added to enhance ToneStack PRO's sonic palette. Each amp & cab is given a handy stereo/mono switch, because they can now be run in true stereo.

Over 140 FX

ToneStack PRO's full collection of effects span from units influenced by iconic stompboxes to sophisticated studio-style processors. Distortions, overdrives, fuzzboxes, modulation effects, pitch shifters, filters, wahs, delays, reverbs, compressors, and more -- the newly expanded collection of ToneStack PRO effects cover your guitar/bass rig as well as studio needs.

Smooth Workflow

With all its improvements in sound tech and new features, ToneStack PRO doesn't relinquish the foolproof interface and out-of-the-box usability of the original. The simple drag-and-drop interface is augmented by a design that works well in the vast variety of iPhones and iPads available today, as well as the many iOS DAWs and AUv3 hosts. The easy to use MIDI learn, and the powerful preset management system are just a few more of ToneStack's convenient features that help you focus on playing, instead of wasting precious time with the mechanics of the app.