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The Whole Enchilada Bundle

The Whole Enchilada Bundle is your all-access pass: unlock everything in Steel Guitar Version 2.0! Add 6 guitars, 7 amps, 14 effects and more, including the PRO Pack with our Tapedeck recorder and advanced MIDI features.

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Guitar Bundle

Add 6 unique guitars to enhance your collection's depth. From warm, ringing acoustic to piercing twang to round humbucker tones, the Guitar Bundle helps you explore a colorful variety of sounds and styles. Guitars include:

  • Acoustic
  • Vintage Lap Steel
  • 12 String
  • Fat Humbucker Lead
  • Classic P-90
  • Twangy Single Coil

Amp Bundle

Expand your tonal arsenal with these 7 iconic amps. Each is a painstaking recreation of a classic tube amp, complete with advanced features such as selectable input channel, full tonestack, speaker emulation - and in some models - rich and accurate spring reverb.

FX Bundle

Experience a wide range of 14 exciting effects. Each effect is carefully modeled after select real-world examples.

PRO Pack

The Pro Pack upgrade includes access to our Tapedeck and advanced MIDI features!

Our Tapedeck offers advanced recording and playback features such as stereo panning, easy looping, and auto metronome with optional count-in. Import recordings via your music library, iTunes file sharing, WiFi, and audio paste. Export recordings via email, iTunes file sharing, WiFi, audio copy, and SoundCloud.

With our advanced MIDI features enabled, you can control any amp or effect using your favorite MIDI controller. You can also use MIDI to control each guitar's pedals array, to execute those pedal steel bends with ease. The MIDI features include,