Motherload v.1.0

Unlock everything available in ToneStack Version 1.0! Add 18 amps and cabs, and 50 (!) effects including PolyOct and Plate Reverb T-150 and more, as well as our inSTUDIO 8-track recorder. A value over $200!

2.0 Expansion Pack

Add all the v.2.0 goodies, a value over $105! Includes all-new 15 amps, 14 cabs, and 14 effects, among which are 7 bass amps, 7 bass cabs, and 6 bass effects. Rock on!

3.0 Expansion Pack

Add everything that's new in ToneStack v3.0, a value of $130! Includes all-new British Invasion valve amps, acoustic series of simulators and effects, custom distortions and sophisticated rack delays. Keep on rocking!

Hard Rock 1

Power to the people, man! 3 amps, 3 cabs, and 5 effects! Covers raunchy hard rock sounds from either side of the pond. Amps included are '67 Anglia, Silver Trembler, and Albert. Effects included are Orange Juice distortion, Cosmic Echo delay, Opti-Vibe rotary, Fuzz Maze, and Wah 1969. Peace!

Hard Rock 2

Hello, Cleveland! 3 amps, 3 cabs, and 5 effects, covering anything from classic studio tones to unruly sounds of Stadium Rock bands. Amps included are Super Gain, British Boost, and Citrus Peel. Effects included are Muffin Pie fuzz, Guitar EQ10, Electron Dominatrix flanger, Austin Strangemaster overdrive, and Classic Distortion. We salute you!


Clean up your act! 3 amps, 3 cabs, and 7 effects! Includes classic American and British amps, as well as all the important pedals for adding dimension to your playing. Amps included are The Boar, '64 DualVerb, and Reverb Torpedo. Effects included are All S'Well volume, Scanner rotary, ChorusLine, Nashville Sky compressor, Pitch Genie vibrato, Phase Pi4, and Studio Delay.


Headbang your heart out. 3 amps, 3 cabs, and 5 effects! Cover many bases with these versatile high-gain amps and a handsome selection of hard-n-heavy friendly FX. Amps included are Brownswood, Modern Gain, and DeutschLAD. Effects included are Moan 'N Groah wah, Wanger pitch, Hotel Seattle distortion, Phaser 101, and Metal Monger distortion. Go hard!


From Chicago to Memphis to New Orleans to the Heart of Texas, coming to you with full vintage goodness. 4 amps, 4 cabs, and 4 effects! Amps included are Tommy, Suprapawn, Tiny Tweed, and '65 Bluesmaker. Effects included are Rotary Box, Fuzz Bender, GreenTube Classic overdrive, and Clean Boost overdrive. Fit for a king!

Custom Shop: Stage

Take center stage! 10 custom shop effects that range from studio-quality reverb to custom distortion boxes and more! Effects included are Big Be-Verb DLX reverb, Squawk Box filter, TriQ EQ, Compulsive OD overdrive, Blue Furr fuzz, By Ringo ring mod, OcterFuzz, Yes M'Lud overdrive, Dual Harmony pitch, and Overpass filter.

Custom Shop: Studio

9 custom shop effects to deck out your virtual studio or your live rig! The included units are all highly tweakable and production friendly. Effects included are VC-93B compressor, Phased 'N Confuzed phaser, Brandenburg Gate, Filter Gnome, nExpander, Stereo Chorus, Flanger 2X, BitMistress bit crusher, and Auraverb reverb.

Boutique 1

If it's TOO LOUD, you probably have been taking proactive measures to protect your hearing. Good job! 4 amps, 4 cabs, and 3 effects! Amps included are Lester R147a, Lightnin' Bolt, OU812, and Wrecking Ball. Effects included are Bourbon Neat, Headbanger, HexEQ, and Shimmer Reverb.

Boutique 2

Faster AND Louder! 4 amps, 4 cabs, and 3 effects! Amps included are Clementine 30, Dual Shaman, Jazz 420, and The Nazz Jr. Effects included are Apex +, U-Turn Reverse Delay, Superb OD, and Compsustain TT-3.

Bass 1

Put on your very best Bass Face! 4 amps, 4 cabs, and 4 effects! Amps included are Bass 800, Ginger, Super Bassdude, and Tall Bass. Effects included are Brass-Basster, Bass EQ10, Bass Chorus, and BassOct.

Bass 2

How low can you go? 4 amps, 4 cabs, and 4 effects! Amps included are 360 Pro, Bass 700 Mk. II, Bass-15, and Clementine 200 Bass. Effects included are Bass Muffin Pie, Bass Comp, Bass EQ6, and Fu-Tron IV. Everything you need for your free-form jazz exploration in front of a festival crowd!

British Invasion Amps

Take the Midnight Ride. Tell all your compatriots that British Valve Power is afoot. For here is a collection of the cream of the crop of vintage UK valve icons about to disembark on your iDevice. Representing the tools of the trade of famous British guitarists from the late 1950s unto '70s, the British Invasion amps cover spine-tingling blues, proto metal, powerful rock ballads, and more. A value of $30.

Custom Distortions

Here are some of our sweetest distortions yet! Deriving from the rare, the mighty, and the beautiful, some of them also feature our favorite (switchable) mods. There are even a few originals developed, physically built and tested in our new circuit workshop, and then faithfully modeled into their ToneStack counterparts. From bluesy overdrive to raspy fuzz, it's all there. A value of $30.


ToneStack goes unplugged with this awesome collection of acoustic simulators and effects. Turn your electric into an acoustic using the state-of-the-art simulators; complement your newfound sound with effects specially designed for going off the grid! Maybe even pair it with our ABY pedal and have acoustic and electric going at the same time...after all, what you do in your own privacy is none of our business. Specially priced for fun, giving you a value of $29.