Modulation & Pitch

All S'Well

All S'Well that ends well. This unique contraption is an automatic volume pedal: you set the sensitivity knob to specify when the volume swell effect should kick in, and use the attack knob to set how long the swell takes. The rest is done for you, without your having to rock any pedal. Perfect for adding a real-time 'backwards' effect to your playing, mimicking pedal steel or strings, or just adding a new dimension to your style.

Acoustic Sim

Acoustic Sim features state-of-the-art acoustic simulation that turns your electric guitar into an acoustic. Featuring two unique acoustic guitar types to choose from, Acoustic Sim also provides you with controls for the Top and Body characteristics of the simulation. The Top knob helps you vary the resonant tonality of the virtual acoustic, progressing from dark and round to bright and attack-y as you turn it up. The Body knob changes the low-end presence of the acoustic, giving you a bigger, tighter sound as it is turned up. Combined with our other new acoustic offerings such as the Acoustic Compressor, Acoustic Chorus and Acoustic Reverb, Acoustic Sim helps you obtain an enormous variety of acoustic guitar tones without switching out your electric.

Acoustic Chorus

Acoustic Chorus creates thick, airy chorus effects that are designed specially to complement acoustic instruments. Acoustic Chorus is stereo, and features a Spread knob that lets you specify the stereo width of the chorus effect, creating a fuller and stronger sound the more it is turned up. Depth, Rate and Mix controls help you shape the chorus tone with precision. The Lo and Hi tone knobs let you alter the tonality of the chorus signal for even greater tonal variation.

Bass Chorus

Designed specifically for the bass guitar, Bass Chorus features a deep, shimmering chorus effect that complements bass notes perfectly. Unique features include adjustable effects crossover for directing the chorus effect to the harmonics above the specified threshold, and leaving the frequencies below the threshold dry. The Balance parameter lets you specify the mix between the dry and wet frequencies. Rate and Depth parameters let you tweak the speed and intensity of the chorus effect, whereas the Sync toggle allows you to sync the chorus rate to the ToneStack BPM.

Bass Oct

BassOct is a high-fidelity octaving effect specially designed for the bass guitar. BassOct lets you obtain 8-string bass tones, as well as extra and extra-extra bottom at the flick of a simple switch. Features include a Range selector for choosing among -2, -1 and +1 octave accompaniment, as well as dedicated dry and octave signal mix knobs.

Bit Mistress

Bit Mistress calls, and we obey. Let her crush, trample and dominate your audio with her selectable bit-depth and frequency, as well as her handy blend knob. This may be the prescription if you want to try some brand new distortion effect, or want to get some modern lo-fi/electronica vibe happening on your analog or digital instruments.

By Ringo!

The ring modulator is a unique effect that instantly changes your instrument's timbre. Some call it the 'effect from hell', although we think it's quiet heavenly: By adding distinct overtones, it can give you anything between clangy, metallic tones to total outer-space oddity. Just as well, it can add a warm harmonic content to your sound. Some famous examples of use include the intro to Iron Man, extensive use by Jon Lord as his elusive 'distortion' unit and countless forward-looking guitarists who adopted the effect for its unique tone.


Chorusline steps up the modulation game thanks to its tweakability. Designed after revered analog choruses, its multiple parameters enable you to fine tune the effect with great precision. From 'warm and subtle' to 'deep and rich' and to the 'other-worldly,' Chorusline is the Swiss Army Knife of chorus effects.

Dual Harmony

Dual Harmony is a two-voice harmonizer with individually adjustable intervals for each voice. Select the musical key for your performance, and Dual Harmony will replicate your playing in the intervals you specify so you get an instant 3-part harmony effect. The volume of each voice is settable, and the effect also features a tracking-off mode for static accompaniment, as well as a master wet setting for on-the-fly adjustment. Perfect for playing two- or three-part harmonized solos, or for adding dimension to your playing in general - and you can also use it on your vocals!

Electron Dominatrix

Whip those electrons into shape! Now! Electron Dominatrix features an unbelievably thick STEREO flanging effect coupled with features that will make even the most seasoned FX nut happy. Specify the stereo image with the spread knob. Choose between two different sweep 'shapes'. Select between dark and bright tonality. If you'd like to get creative, turn off the auto sweep and twist the Manual knob to make your own flanging sweeps -- or use the Dominatrix as a static filter. AND the Manual knob also functions as a 'color' parameter when the auto sweep is turned on. We packed a lot into those six knobs, Severin.

Flanger 2X

A mastering-grade flanger with stereo processing, Flanger 2X is so highly versatile that you'll be happy whether it's in front of an amp, after a cab or bringing your drums home to Bonzo while doing your Kashmir routine. Features include settable stereo spread, tone, rate, depth & feedback as well as BPM syncing. Time to break the sound barrier.

Phased 'N Confuzed

A highly versatile mega-phaser, Phased 'N Confuzed offers stereo processing for effortlessly adding dimensions to your sound. Mark II of our original flagship phaser designed some years ago, this version is fine-tuned for a focused, crisp and richer sound. The depth and tonality of the effect is fully adjustable, as well as the stereo spread. Works very well with a wide variety of instruments, vocals or in the studio.

Phase Pi4

The more refined cousin of our classic Phase Pi2, the Pi4 is big on the classic '70s script-logo phaser sounds - so don't let the small form factor fool you! As opposed to contemporary phaser boxes, the Pi4 is a sweet, subtle shifter with a specially calibrated sweep range, which complements certain style of music perfectly. The final result is that it's mild and more musical than most other phasers.

Phaser 101

With its VERY powerful and unmistakably rich analog inspired 10-stage phase shifting, the 101 is a must-have for anyone who is serious about his or her modulation effects. With fully adjustable depth and color, you can completely tune the effect's sweep and obtain a wide variety of unique phasing sounds. Use resonance to adjust the edginess of the effect, and use intensity to vary it from subtle to totally in-your-face. You can also change the sweep curve from a vintage, sharper shape to a smoother one that complements certain styles.

Pitch Genie

Patterned after analog pitch shifting circuits, Pitch Genie features adjustable modulation rate and depth as well as tempo syncing capability. Best yet, it allows you to switch between 'smooth' and 'hard' modulation shapes: in smooth mode, the vibrato is natural sounding with a continuous up/down bend; in hard mode, it alternates between pitches abruptly to give you that 'ambulance siren' effect - perfect for emulating alternating octaves sort of runs.


One of our crowning achievements, PolyOct is a whopping 4-voice polyphonic octave generator that takes your original signal and replicates it one and two octaves below, as well as one and two octaves above. The result is a sonic assault so thick that you can cut it with a knife. You can mix in each voice individually thanks to dedicated faders. The built-in filter gives you control over the output tone and also has a resonance control. An envelope follower with settable attack lets you navigate between a sharp, sudden attack to a softer, gradual rise similar to a pipe organ. The Detune control very slightly alters the pitch of each voice to give a natural unison effect. In addition, the filter and envelope follower each have dedicated switches so you can attach them to the total signal or just the wet part. Whether your goal is to obtain a tone thicker-than-thou, or get organ sounds out of your guitar (hint: combine it with our RotaryBox rotary speaker emulator), PolyOct is a massive powerhouse in your FX arsenal.

Stereo Chorus

Designed for both playing and recording in mind, this rack-style chorus offers extra definition thanks to its stereo output. With pro-quality sound and a handsome set of controls, you can cover pretty much any scenario in the studio or onstage. Turn up the spread to really fill the stereo field and obtain a dynamic, moving sound. Put it in front of an amp to get a thick multi-chorus effect.


A staple of countless rigs since the '80s --think Tom Morello or the intro to Seven Nation Army-- who knows what shape or form this red rocker will next appear in the annals of music? Our design breaks through age-old barriers by giving you total control on pitch shift range (and making the effect dead-simple to use): you can specify the intervals for the pedal up and down positions, individually, for a maximum of a whopping 4-octave pitch bending! You can even reverse the convention, and have the effect lower the pitch while you're pressing down on the pedal. A detune control lets you dial in extra dimensionality, while a mix knob lets you blend the pitch-shift effect with your original signal -- at midway position, you can even emulate pedal steel bends.