Filter, EQ, & Wah

Bass EQ6

With frequency bands specially designed for the working bassist, this cut-the-high-talk EQ unleashes the full potential of your playing. Perfect anywhere in any signal flow, or as simply the only thing between you and the board when you DI.

Bass EQ10

An extended range equalizer custom designed for the bass, the Bass EQ10 features 10 carefully selected bands that help the modern bassist define his or her tone. We gave this equalizer a special emphasis on the most important harmonics. The result is a highly versatile tool with which you can sculpt your tone with pinpoint accuracy.

Acoustic EQ

Acoustic EQ is a high quality graphic equalizer designed specially for the acoustic guitar and our acoustic simulators. Providing 18dB of cut or boost over 7 strategic frequency bands, Acoustic EQ also features low and high cut controls for taming boominess and shrill tones, respectively. It’s perfect for livening up a dull sounding acoustic, or sculpting your guitar into a tight mix.

Filter Gnome

Our most powerful filter unit to date, the 'Gnome' features newly tuned versions of our famed, analog modeling Magellan and Victor filters. The resulting tone is unique; reminiscent of the ladder filter designs found in some of the most famous analog synthesizers built in the '70s. The feature set is very inclusive, allowing you enormous degree of freedom and tweakability. Features include a special saturable input pre-gain stage you can control via the 'In Gain' knob, four types of filters including two lowpasses, as well as a band and a highpass, settable cutoff and resonance, integrated envelope follower with settable amount, sensitivity, attack and release, and a sophisticated LFO with a built-in trigger detector. The LFO has three operation modes - one-shot, continuous and trigger. You can set the trigger threshold to match the strength of your signal or playing style. It also features 8 wave shapes, as well as settable phase and amount and is also BPM syncable with 15 note values.

Fu-Tron IV

The Fu-Tron IV is the envelope filter that defined funk in the 1970s. Owing its start to early experimentation with synth filters, the Fu-Tron IV features a three-mode analog filter design that shaped as well as sweetened the tone like no other envelope filter or autowah since. Thanks to its Low/High range selector, the Fu-Tron IV is equally as sweet with guitar as it is with bass. The Mode knob lets you choose among lowpass, bandpass and highpass filters to dramatically different effect. The Peak knob lets you dial in the emphasis of the filtering effect. The gain knob specifies the sensitivity of the built-in envelope follower (which you can additionally manipulate by your playing dynamics or instrument volume knob), whereas the Drive switch lets you specify the sweep direction upon note attack.

Hex EQ

HexEQ2 is a very powerful, fully-parametric, 6-band equalizer/filter with stereo processing. To gain almost complete control over tone shaping, you can assign each band one of 9 unique active-style filters: lowpass, highpass, bandpass 1, bandpass 2, allpass, notch, peak, lowshelf, and highself. In addition, each band includes fully adjustable frequency and 'Q' parameters. Peaking and shelving filters feature -/+ 24 dB of gain.

Graphic EQ

This is a behemoth dual-channel graphic equalizer with 14 bands (including a lowpass and a highpass filter) for each channel. Featuring true stereo processing, the channel strips give you complete control over the left and right audio, making this a highly useful tool in the studio, as well as after an ABY when you wish to conveniently EQ outputs separately. Each channel comes with its dedicated master gain and features an analog-clone filter array. A great workhorse for any project.

Guitar EQ10

Designed specially for the guitar, the EQ10 gives you control over 10 crucial frequencies over an enormous 9-octave range. The extended number of bands and our special filter topology help you precisely define your tone. This effect can go anywhere on your FX chain, and is perfect for modifying the sounds of distortions or overdrives, or for instantly creating sonic separation between amps when used in an ABY setup.

Moan 'N Groan

The Swiss Army Knife of our wah range, Moan 'N Groan gives you five different models of wah in a single box. Choose among Vintage, Modern, Low-Down, Optical 1 and Optical 2 models -- all specially crafted for this effect. Each mode is a careful recreation of the venerated wah tones from the 1960s up to today, and each has a unique tone and range. In addition, Moan 'N Groan features a built-in envelope follower with settable amount, attack and release so that you can use it completely hands (and feet) free, controlling it solely with the volume or attack of your playing.


Featuring three different custom-designed virtual analog filters in one unit, the OverPass is a powerful effect to have in any modern rig. With a built-in envelope follower as well as BPM-syncable LFO with eight waveshapes, OverPass leaves the field wide open for experimentation. On the guitar or bass, you can easily obtain a classic synth sound or add a new dimension to your tone. Features include selectable low, high and bandpass filters, filter cutoff and emphasis, settable envelope amount, sensitivity, attack and release, effect blend, and the aforementioned powerful LFO.

Squawk Box

A highly original design, Squawk Box adds a human voice effect to your playing. Featuring our custom 'voice' filter, it gives you a wide range of control on the timbre and morphings of the effect. Squawk Box includes a fully configurable envelope follower so that you can easily control it using the dynamics of your playing, as well as an Exponential/Linear control switch to vary the envelope curve. A unique effect, you can use it alone, after a distortion box or anywhere else on your chain for distinct results.


TriQ is a complete filtering and EQing tool with 9 different types of filters packed into a single unit. Choose among: lowpass, highpass, bandpass 1, bandpass 2, allpass, notch, peak, low-shelf or high-shelf filters, all of it the result of our decade-long history and expertise in filter design and implementation. The filter frequency and 'Q' factor are all settable, as well as the output gain. Peak and Shelving filters have settable gain.

Wah 1969

Designed with utmost care after '60s coveted wah pedals, Wah 1969 has an earful of the warm and thick tones that graced the recordings that introduced the world to this timeless gizmo. Our design comes with two unique models you can select, representing the two variations of the wah pedal that was in circulation back in the '60s. In addition, Wah 1969 features a built-in envelope follower with settable amount, attack and release so that you can use it completely hands free, controlling it solely with the volume or attack of your playing. A must-have for vintage wah aficionados.