Bass Comp

Bass Comp is a fully configurable compressor pedal specially designed for bassists' needs. Its warm, analog-based compression design helps solidify important frequencies in even the busiest mix, as well as dramatically vary the attack depending on the settings. With fully configurable compression threshold of up to -50 dB, as well as settable squash ratio, Bass Comp can also perform limiter duties. Dedicated attack and release controls lets you control the dynamic result, creating anything between a slow, mild compression for a laid back feel to an aggressive, pumping squash for fast runs or busier styles.

Acoustic Compressor

Designed specially for the frequency response and dynamic characteristics of acoustic instruments, Acoustic Compressor is a versatile yet easy-to-use virtual-analog compressor. Featuring settable attack and sustain, Acoustic Compressor can help emphasize picking, add a professional quality to your sound, or enhance strumming rhythm. Includes a Low Cut control tailored to address boominess encountered on some compressed acoustic instruments.

Brandenburg Gate

This is a pro-grade gate with all the trimmings. Features include adjustable attenuation, settable wide-range hysteresis to compensate for fluctuating signals, adjustable attack, hold and release times. In addition, you can choose between peak or RMS measurement on the incoming signal. Aside from its obvious uses, Brandenburg Gate is a perfect complement to reverbs to get that 'gated' effect. With a longer attack period, it can also be used as an automatic volume swell effect.

Compsustain TT-3

The Compsustain TT-3 is an ultra-smooth sustainer that helps you incorporate punch and clarity to your tone, all the while increasing your sustain. Whether used in a clean rig, or before a distortion, chorus or other modulation, the Compsustain will help you achieve that professional, in-studio tone without tears, and hook notes from here to eternity.

Nashville Sky

This ubiquitous red-hot compressor is a must-have for any pedalboard. Specially calibrated for the guitar, Nashville Sky's dynamic compression adds a sleek tightness to your runs, a distinctive jangle to your chordwork and focuses your signal in higher gain situations. Inserted after modulation, delay or reverb effect, it generates sonic otherworldliness. Without it, chicken pickin wouldn't be; in fact, Nashville Cats consider it a bad omen if theirs goes missing. And probably at least half of all shows played by guitarists since the 1970s had one lurking somewhere as the 'It' factor. Analog modeling, as it should be.


A compressor in reverse, nExpander fulfills the recipe when you want to increase the dynamic range of your playing or your recordings. With fully adjustable knee and expansion ratio, you can effortlessly separate your quiet passages from the rest in pretty much any signal flow. nExpander is also highly open to experimentation and becomes a unique expressive effect with just a few knob tweaks. For example: creating a crescendo 'backwards' effect. Features include adjustable attack and release times, output gain and peak or RMS measurement.


Modeled after coveted tube compressors, VC-93B is a serious compressor for both recording and live use. A well-rounded feature set includes adjustable threshold, ratio, attack, release and output gain. In addition, VC-93B has settable knee and ability to select between peak or RMS amplitude tracking. Analog-style VU meters allow you to monitor your I/O levels or dB reduction in real time, and they both come with peak indicators. Its warm, virtual-analog compression effect is perfect with any instrument or for mastering duties.