Delay & Reverb

Acoustic Reverb

The all-new Acoustic Reverb is specially designed to evoke the sounds of a variety of "live" rooms and situations at the turn of a knob. Featuring our newest room- and space-modeling algorithms, Acoustic Reverb offers 9 unique spaces, including three types of room, two types of hall, as well as stadium, club and more. The late reverberations can be extended or curtailed using the Length knob. The Tone knob helps you vary the reverberation from dark to bright, and the Mix knob lets you vary the output from completely dry to completely wet. Whether used alongside our new acoustic simulators, with your own acoustic guitar or with any other signal chain, Acoustic Reverb will add warmth, depth, and space to your tone and help bring it to the foreground.


Auraverb is rich, studio-grade reverb with extensive customization. Featuring a custom reverberation algorithm developed for this rack-form unit, the reverberations are luscious, natural and space-filling, complementing guitar, vocals, strings or synths equally well in the studio as well as on stage. Handy features include input filtering with individually adjustable low and high cut, settable room size with extensive range (from 1 sq. meter enclosure to a 300 sq. meter giant hall), settable reverberation time, dampening control for changing the room material, pre-delay, stereo spread, additional wet-signal output filtering with adjustable high and low cut, as well as individual level knobs for the early, late and dry signals.

Big Be-Verb DLX

User friendly yet very powerful, Big Be-Verb DLX is a result into our latest foray into digital reverberation algorithms. Coming in rack form with true stereo input & output, the Be-Verb Dlx has a very natural sounding reverb with a wide range of tonality in both early and late reverberations. Advanced features include two-stage settable filters for both the reverb input and output (very helpful for tuning or separating the reverb from the dry sound), settable room size, late reflection trail time, dampening and stereo spread; individual pre-delay controls for both early and late reflections, a 'freeze' toggle, as well as dedicated level knobs for early, late and dry signals.

Cosmic Echo

Cosmic Echo is our painstaking recreation of multi-head tape delays that became the secret weapon of many, many hit-making guitarists. Featuring our proprietary model of the 'recirculating-tape' principle, Cosmic Echo features four read heads that you can reposition using the Mode Selector knob. To give you greater control over the effect, we also included a knob so that you can select any number of heads between 1 and 4 in any mode. Furthermore, we added an Echo Stagger control with which you can change the relative amplitude of each read head: for example, having each subsequent echo increase in amplitude or the exact reverse. The wet section also includes settable high and low-cut filters, as well as a dials to set the amount of tape saturation and 'flutter' for a truly analog tone. The Delay knob seamlessly speeds up or slows down the virtual tape loop, allowing you to use Cosmic Echo as a part of your extending technique. By playing with the Feedback and Saturation knobs, you can also throw Cosmic Echo into self-oscillation and control the result via the delay knob. Other user-friendly features include an Input Mute switch for echo trails as well as BPM syncing with 12 note values.

Delay Tripper

Explore totally new sonic landscapes with this special rack delay unit. A part of our new Custom and Rack Delay series, Delay Tripper features such top-notch effects as high fidelity pitch shifting, distortion, modulation (chorus, vibrato, flanging, or 4-stage phasing) and equalization that you can all apply on the delay signal. Easily obtain effects such as shimmer, call/response, light/shade, pitch-shifted accompaniment, or follow-thru. Expand your mix by having a totally different tonality "shadow" your dry signal, or modify the delay signal to set it apart. These are just some of the more conservative uses for Delay Tripper. The delay algorithm incorporates high quality analog modeling of bucket brigade designs: use the included Delay Tone knob to vary the tonal response of the delay signal. Fully turned up, the delay signal is completely lossless like a high quality digital delay, but as it's turned counterclockwise, the delay signal gets progressively "darker" and more organic. Other features include dedicated panning controls for the dry and the delay signals, BPM syncing with ToneStack global tempo, feedback that can be driven into self-oscillation (and manipulated using Delay Time knob) for trippy effects, as well as a Trails switch that lets you play over the delay signal when the unit is bypassed.


Another unique offering in our new Custom and Rack Delay series, Duckwalk is a stereo "ducking" delay packaged in an easy-to-use standalone format. Using the ducking controls such as Sensitivity and Lag, you can obtain delay effects that stay quiet or completely silent during musical passages and swell up during the silent or quiet parts. You can also obtain backwards-sounding delay effects that follow your single note or staccato runs, or add a new dimension to your rhythm patterns. With individual Delay, Feedback, Level, and Pan controls for each delay channel, you can create interesting ping-pong effects or create a big sounding stereophonic delay signal. The delay signal can be shaped, thanks to the Cut EQ controls. Other features include BPM syncing against ToneStack global tempo, whereby you can control the delay time using note values, as well as panning and dedicated level control for the dry signal.

The Duplicator

Part of our new delay and time custom rack units, The Duplicator is a real-time Artificial Double Tracking effect that helps you obtain a big multi-tracked sound at the touch of a button. Able to generate two individually controlled copies of your original signal, The Duplicator lets you pan and tweak each copy to create a wall-of-sound feel for any kind of audio. Aside from panning, each copy has its own on/off switch, settable delay time, and sound level control, as well as a high-fidelity EQ section. In addition, each copy has a specially designed Vari-Pitch unit that you can toggle on or off. Use the included Speed and Amount knobs to specify the rate and range of the pitch variation of each copy with respect to the dry signal. Using the Vari-Pitch will help you obtain a more natural sounding double-tracking effect with ease, and it can also be used to create very deep and complex stereo chorus effects that you can't get from standard chorus units. Other features include panning and level controls for the dry signal, as well as dry soloing and muting.

Memory Guy

Memory Guy is a painstakingly designed virtual-analog delay/modulation effect. Simulating the early bucket-brigade technology, Memory Guy's delay signal has a uniquely warm analog tone. In addition, it features a pre-gain stage that can vary the level of both the original and delayed signal, as well as add overdrive if pushed beyond a certain level, for additional authenticity. The virtual-analog technology also lets you turn Memory Guy into a special effect on its own. By manipulating the delay knob, you can momentarily vary the pitch of the delay signal. By manipulating the delay and feedback knobs together, you can create and control self-oscillation to get trippy sound effects. The delay signal can be modulated using the Speed and Depth knobs. Modulation can be turned off by setting the Depth knob to 0. Using the delay, blend, and feedback controls in tandem with the modulators, you can obtain anything from thick, luscious chorus/flange/vibrato effects to trippy delays. Our take on this classic also includes a handy Trails feature. With Trails set on, turning the pedal off lets you continue playing over the delay signal. In addition, Memory Guy features a BPM Sync feature that lets you lock the delay tempo to the global ToneStack bpm, and delay a note value using the Delay Knob.

Plate Reverb T-150

Designed after the famous electro-mechanical 'plate' reverbs made in Germany in the '60s and '70s, the T-150 gives you that 'holy-grail' of reverb tones emanating from studio equipment that's becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Our design follows the principles of the originals, recreating the way that vibrations travel through the steel plate. We spared no tweakability: almost every aspect of the reverberation is controllable. Some of the powerful features include an injection filter stage with settable low and high cut, settable plate size and virtual damper pressure, stereo spread, reverb panning, plate 'modulation' depth and rate to simulate the material and environmental factors, as well as dedicated analog-modeling output filters for both dry and wet signal, each with two settable bands and gain. The result comes convincingly close to the rich reverb sound you probably have heard in countless classic recordings.

Shimmer Reverb

Our Shimmer Reverb is designed to recreate the "shimmer" effect popularized in the 80s. Shimmer Reverb adds a totally new dimension to your sound by modifying the reverb tail. The result is an eerie, floating effect that bolsters your sound in a highly unique way. The basic character of the shimmer effect can be changed via the Shimmer selector. Shimmer modes vary from dark and sinister to haunting echoes to New-Wavy sparkle. In addition, the dedicated Pre-delay and Decay settings help you obtain anything between short "talkback" effect to lingering swells

Studio Delay

A highly versatile stereo delay with many stage and production friendly features, including tempo syncing, dedicated time, mix, regen and pan controls for each channel, as well as input filters and a mono op mode for guess less tap time pairing. Tempo sync features 14 note values, including dotted and triplet notes. Perfect for obtaining that stereo ping-pong effect, or playing 'against the delay', which is a technique employed by some well-known guitarists.


A member of our new Custom and Rack Delay series, Taproom is a very powerful multi-tap rack delay with five individually configurable delay taps. Each tap can be panned anywhere on the stereo field, and comes with its own Level and Delay controls. This makes obtaining ping-pong delay effects where the signal travels across the stereo field a breeze. In addition, Taproom is BPM syncable against ToneStack's global clock, so you can easily create rhythmic delays for U2-esque passages. With a total delay time of up to 6 seconds on the last tap, Taproom can provide you with anything from reverse-staggering delays to interesting echo and reverb effects. Taproom incorporates our high quality analog-modeling delay algorithm inspired by bucket brigade designs: use the included Delay Tone knob to vary the tonal response of the delay signal. Fully turned up, the delay signal is completely lossless like a high quality digital delay, but as it's turned counterclockwise, the delay signal gets progressively "darker" and more organic. Other features include dedicated panning control for the dry signal, global delay mix, delay feedback that can be driven into self-oscillation for trippy effects, as well as a Trails switch that lets you play over the delay signal when the unit is bypassed.

U-Turn Reverse Delay

U-Turn is a trippy, analog-modeling reverse delay. Put it in your effect chain to obtain psychedelic swell or back-talk effects on their own, or as "floating over" your dry signal. Create infinitely looping sound effects by maxing up the feed knob. Adjustable delay time, delay mix, feedback, as well as a delay filter parameter make U-Turn highly open to experimentation. U-Turn also offers BPM syncing.